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Are you "Still" working on....X


Please add a feature to what I'm working on every 30 minutes or so.
If I fail to reply inside of 5 minutes assume I have (gone to lunch and) stopped working on the item..
If my presence is redetected ( I move the mouse or some such thing) please reask me what I'm doing and suggest the previous item.
This would really help my workflow.


binki wrote Dec 20, 2012 at 8:06 PM

I would like to add to this. Maybe this is platform-specific, but it would be nice to optionally “stop work” when the screensaver comes on or the user initiates a screen lock. My screen auto-locks after some number of minutes of inactivity, after which it is quite certain I am either not in front of my computer or asleep ;-).

Both the OP’s and my suggestion are variants on the same idea of trying to avoid accidentally logging time spent away from the computer as relating to solving a bug. Both would be great features, but, of course, any sort of item like this which could possibly aggravate many users (such as popping something up occasionally) should probably be optional and disabled by default.

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