error message boxes when idling or wake up


I get the following error message from time to time, when not using with FogbugzWorkingOn (i.e. I have it running, but didn't issue a command recently). It also frequently occurs when waking up from longer time of PC-Idle:

FogBugz API Error Code -1

An error occurred while connecting to,ixProject,sFixFor,sProject,dtFixFor,ixPriority&token=i1lbsn2ucocrfnsed4v7c0c0cu6nm3: Unable to read data from the transport connection: The connection was closed.


This might be a problem with the network connection, but still it would be nice to make this a balloon popup rather than a message box.
(Ideally, just silently retry after a while and give the message only when it fails repeatedly, if you aren't doing this already)