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Starting and Stopping the Working On Timer

There are several ways to start the timer on a case in WorkingOn. Left- or right-click the WorkingOn icon in the task bar to display the menu.

Project Listing

The Projects submenu will list cases assigned to you from Fix Fors in which you have resolved cases in the last 7 days, as well as the 10 most recently submitted cases that have been assigned to you. These cases will be organized by Project and then by Fix For, as can be seen by mousing over the Projects submenu. To start work on a case, click on the case in the menu.




Case Listing

The Cases submenu will list the same cases as the Projects submenu, but in a single list. The case's Project and Fix For are displayed in parenthesis after the case's title.


Recent Cases

The Recent Cases submenu lists cases that you have logged time on within the past 2 weeks.


Manual Entry

If you know the case number you are working on, you may also type it in the Manual Entry input. Hitting the Enter key will start the timer.


Stopping the Timer

Once you have started the Working On timer for a case, the Stop Work button on the menu will become enabled. Click it to stop the timer.


Tips and Gotchyas

  • Double-clicking the WorkingOn icon while working on a case will open that case in your browser.
  • Double-clicking the WorkingOn icon while not working on a case will open your current filter in your browser.
  • If you attempt to start the work timer on a case which does not have an estimate, you will be shown a warning dialog and the application will open the case in your browser in edit mode so that you can enter an estimate. Once you have submitted the change, you must click the case again.
  • While working on a case, hovering over the WorkingOn icon will display the number and shortened title of the case you are working on.
  • After stopping the work timer on a case, you may restart the timer quickly by clicking the Stop Work button again, which will then read Resume Work on Case 20.
  • The menu will occasionally refresh itself so that it stays updated as you resolve and are assigned new cases.

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