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Logging In

When you first start WorkingOn, you will be prompted to enter the url to your FogBugz installation, your e-mail (or user name) and password.
  • FogBugz Server: This can be a local NETBIOS server name or a public domain name - as long as your computer can get to the address, it will work. If your installation is in a virtual directory, include it here. Some valid examples of what can go in this field:
    • fogbugz
    • http://fogbugz
    • http://fogbugz:8080
    • https://fogbugz
    • http://utility/fogbugz
    • You get the idea.
  • Use SSL: Checking this box will force the application to use https as the protocol. This will override any protocol found in the FogBugz Server field.
  • E-Mail: This can be either your email address for your FogBugz account or your full name (as entered in FogBugz)
  • Password: Yup, a password field. Type your password here.
    • Full Disclosure: Your password is saved in a configuration file in your Windows user account's profile. It is not sent anywhere but the server specified in the FogBugz Server field.

On subsequent application starts, you will be automatically logged in to the last server you successfully authenticated on.

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